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Easy-to-use and powerful agency management system with CRM features to help you save time, money and clients.

Features To Run Every Part Of Your Business

Dashboard - The Smarter Way to Start Your Day

Dashboards are instant snapshots of the most important sales activities. Use dashboard to quickly scan your sales pipeline, calendar appointment and tasks. Dashboard also show you the detailed summary of the current status of all your leads thereby enabling you to track priorities and work effectively.

Manage your contacts and organizations

Contact management feature helps you to maintain and organize all your contacts and companies in one place. View select contacts by applying number of readily available filters. Access critical customer data including key contacts, communication history, and more — quickly and easily.

Get complete visibility into your pipeline

Lead management feature helps you to view your sales pipeline visually and track the status of every deal in one place by the stages. Move the leads from one stage to another through simple drag and drop operations.

Track every followup/activity with your leads

This is your timeline view. It’s where you’ll see every followup and activity for any given lead. Your team has full access to everything that’s going on in the sales process. No one will feel like they’re left in the dark.

Know the leads to work on

Repeated follow ups play the most vital role in closing a sale. Never lose a follow up ever again through LeadCRM. Create easy to-do follow ups on each lead and track all your todo follow ups in one easy place and be on top of them. Receive periodic reminders so you never miss a follow up ever again.

Generate professional looking Quotations & Quote Comparisons

With LeadCRM you can generate professional looking template based Quotations in pdf format which can be shared with the customers using emails. Template based functionality gives you the flexibility to design your own custom Quotations as per your standards and branding. LeadCRM also offers you options to generate & share Quote comparisons with your customers.

Use built-In Email & SMS to close more deals

Our Email & SMS tools will make sure you’re on top of your pipeline. Enjoy automatic follow-up/renewal reminders, personalized templates, bulk Emails/SMS for renewal reminders, festive wishes, special occasions and more. With built-in one-click Email/SMS, you’ll get in touch with contacts faster than ever.

Track Commissions Quickly and Easily

LeadCRM makes it easy to manage, audit and analyse your insurance commissions. Sort your commissions by insurer, client, policy type, etc. and track commission splits easily. Also, get comprehensive reports to save lapsing cases, identify potential payment problems, and much more.

Generate actionable reports

LeadCRM provides numerous inbuilt Business & MIS reports to give you insight into a variety of metrics such as lead/renewal conversion, user performance, outstanding/received commission analysis, claims analysis etc. to name a few.
Generated reports can be easily exported to excel/csv files for ease of sharing and further use in other systems. LeadCRM also helps you to generate various reports to meet IRDA standards & compliance.

All Information You Need In One Place

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Manage and track the status of multiple policies with ease. LeadCRM Policy Administration module empowers you to efficiently manage your policies throughout their entire lifecycle.
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Manage amendments to existing Policies with ease. LeadCRM endorsement module provides you with utilities to manage any addition, deletion or alteration of the scope of coverage under the policy.
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Tracking and managing claims has never been easier. Add new claims, attach documentation, notes, record key dates, update claim status and produce management reports.

Features That Work For You


Important events are automatically placed in your calendar and automatic reminders help you stay on track.

Document Upload & Management

Upload and manage your documents and files in one place online for easy access from anywhere,anytime.

Data Import/Export

Quick start with bulk import of leads, contacts, organization from excel file. Just map your columns and that's it. You also have facility to export leads, contacts and other data in excel.

Workflow Automation

Never Miss Anything Important. In LeadCRM, you can manage automated workflows that are triggered by specific actions. As a result, you will get reminders about specific events, such as renewals, birthdays/special occasions, pending tasks and more.

Client Online Access

LeadCRM allows you to provide access to your customers to let them view their policies,endorsements and claims statuses online.

Completely online

LeadCRM is a cloud-deployable, web-based, multi-tab application available anytime ,anywhere! Gone are the days when you had to worry about hosting, backups or other software management problems.

Access Control

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Access Rights and Roles

You have complete control over the permissions given to each user. Every user in the application may be assigned a 'role', e.g. user, manager, administrator, etc. and be given different access permissions according to their position in the company. LeadCRM keeps a detailed log of which employees accessed your records and what they did with them, which you can view and audit.
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Access limitations by IP

You can choose to allow individual users and groups to access the service only from chosen IP addresses. For example, everyone would be able to access LeadCRM from your local network, but only certain employees could access from mobile devices or from home, and only some of them would be allowed access from any location.

Secure and Reliable

Your Business is Safe with Us

You can fully relay on us to save your important data. It’s your data and we are 100% committed to keep it secure. We use secure and encrypted connections, where informations have privacy

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256 bit SSL security

LeadCRM ensures enterprise-grade security. Data is fully encrypted using 256 bit SSL encryption. Our data resides in high security, access controlled data centers.
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Daily database backups

We regularly back up your data to ensure that it is always safe and secure. We have your last 30 days backup with us always.

Free online support

Support that’s always there for you.


Our association continues even after you buy our software. Our dedicated team provides free online support on email, net chat and net meetings to resolve any grievance. In the unlikely case of a critical issue our technical specialist are just a phone call away. We also offer around the year telephonic support to our Enterprise grade customers.

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